Romans 1

My notes on Romans 1 and the supplementary information in Tim Keller’s Romans For You.

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Things in the fridge

When things go bad in the fridge, how long do they stay before tossing them?

When you stop wearing old clothes, how long do they stay in your closet before getting donated?

When you have useless junk in your house, how many years go by before you throw it out?

Seems there’s a pattern. Might be hoarding, might be something deeper.

Applies to things. Applies to life.

When you realize you’ve been hurting yourself, how long before you kick the habit?

When you realize the company you keep does not challenge you to grow, how long before you search for people that do?

When you realize you’ll die in a few decades, how long before you stop wasting your days?

Questions to ponder. But pondering is just the first step. Once you have the answers, will anything change?

Be right back. I have to clean out my fridge.