FED Journal 7

This post has moved to a new home! If you're interested in Ivan's technology-related ramblings, please see blog.jonas.ninja!

I’ve been unemployed for a month now. After two weeks of taking it easy (and a brief and strange foray into the mad world of contracting at a Large Financial Institution™) I have finally begun my studies in earnest. The finances are in place; I am secure for much longer than I plan to study. Current goal is to find a great employer by November or to get any programming job if I can’t find a desirable job by January.

My plans for July are the following:

  • Develop a functional prototype of MemoryTyper that may be adapted to become the web component of the mobile app Remember Me
  • Develop my website jonas.ninja and migrate my tech posts from here
  • Read the HTTP, HTML, and CSS specifications (this is the one I’m most excited about. I’m a nerd like that)
  • Become reasonably well-versed in the new ES6 features
  • Read one technical book, Universal Principles of Design and Design of Everyday Things
  • Review SPD1 (I took this a long time ago in Coursera, would like to refresh)
  • Gain a greater awareness of the items in my master list so I can make more informed decisions about future study plans
  • Improve my keyboarding speed from 60-80 to 80-100 words per minute (why is my speed so low?)
  • Finally finish IIPP (just for fun. This will be my fifth or sixth attempt. I keep missing deadlines accidentally)

Future plans involve actually turning MemoryTyper into Remember Me, taking the follow-up courses to IIPP and SPD, and reading yet more books. This is the boring stuff, but I feel it needs to be done now. The exciting stuff comes in the following months: a review of Startup Engineering, a read of Interaction Design (which I’ve been wanting to read since I was forced to drop the class back in university), Soft Skills, and things like that.

I hope to put out more frequent updates to chronicle my progress. I’m considering using the Codepen blog instead for code-specific posts and leave other technical topics, but I have legal concerns about the content I put on there. Whoops, sorry, I just said something boring again. It keeps happening.


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