Job hunt and living arrangements

A break from the FED series, but still related. Just writing a quick post to sort out my thoughts.

One cool alternative that combines major benefits from all of my previous options is to get an entry-level front end development job. This would allow me to:

  • Get paid, even if less than I am now
  • Learn the applicable skills quickly
  • Get professional work experience rather than personal project experience
  • Meet new people in the industry (a benefit that the other options lack)

This might require me to move to a different apartment. If I get a job in the city center again, this would require me to ride the bus or drive – costs of which I would associate not with work, but with my choice of housing. This bumps up my living expenses by $800 – $1500, though that would more than likely be fully offset (and then some) by cheaper base rent.

However, the loss of time would not be offset. Not having a commute saves MEGA time. Take this, for example: I take 5 minutes to commute. A person who drives to work takes, say, 35. That is an extra hour lost each day. This amounts to 8 hours every 8 business days. This amounts to one free vacation day every 8 days, or over 31 free vacation days per year. Yes, your mind is blown. You are welcome. Now go get cheap housing near your work like we smart people do.

Sorry, I forgot why I was writing this post. It was to lament the probable loss of that free time if I do switch jobs and have to relocate. Gah.


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