Day 6: Writing daily (or not)

So far I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the diversity of topics that I’ve managed to write something about. I tend toward long, epic pieces that are full of content on a single topic (maybe I should have gone with a novel after all). For example, all my posts and emails from my travels tended toward the 2000 word mark and always focused on events and aspects of culture. Since I simply don’t have the time to invest in so much original content every day, I’ve been forced to come up with small bits of content that I can write quickly. It’s been a fun challenge and, I feel, beneficial for me.

But by now we can safely admit that even with my NaBloWriMo’s reduced requirements, writing every day is too often. This is fine. I took the challenge as far as I could. In marathons, budgets, agile software development, and new adventures you must constantly monitor and make adjustments as necessary, so I’ll readjust NaBloWriMo to be one #myartseries OR one post per day of November, maybe alternately.

I have a lineup of topics that I’ll write about in the coming days: Encouragement, Sarcasm (and the better way), Attitudes Toward Money, and Rediscovery. Hope you’re excited to read them! And also patient and OK with the possibility of me never actually writing them! Oh, the agony of uncertainty!


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