Day 1: NaBloWriMo

National NovelBlog Writing Month. Because I simply do not have the inclination or the time to write 50,000 words. But I want to participate somehow, so I will write something every day on this blog. My audience is an imaginary, alternate reality me, and my mother (Hi Mom!), because nobody else reads this blog. Because I never told anyone that it exists. If you are reading this but are not 1) me, or 2) my mom, then please be aware that you may be an alternate reality version of me, or perhaps a figment of my imagination. Or maybe lost in the Internet; if so, clicking here will help you get back on track to doing important business and not wasting time with pointless junk on the Internet.

My first post will set expectations. Or rather, mitigate them. Better yet, eliminate them. I plan on failing to write on at least a third of these chilly November days. More than likely, I will quit completely by the half-way mark, then never mention this fracas again. I will also cringe every time I happen to recall it. Happily, the human mind is full of these nifty self-preservation techniques; I’ll likely never remember NaBloWriMo after the end of the year. There! I’ve successfully eliminated

OK, so who is ready for this adventure that will more than likely fail? Me! Let’s get this show on the road. Don’t forget to subscribe to email notifications whenever I make a new post. That way you’ll know when I succeed in failing to keep my half-hearted goal!



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