Getting back into writing

“The future leaders are those who make a habit of keeping journals when they’re young. ” Journals of journeys. Material for reflection, for considering your self with the wisdom of your older self. A wonderful remedy for the unavoidable human tendency to forget the bad and to “misremember.” Also, fabulous material for disqualifying your future self from public office, if that’s your thing.

You, dear, faithful reader, may not know that most of my posts here have been private. This one is public to serve as a sort of commitment on my part. Even if you cannot read what I write (wait until I’m dead, at least), it serves as a motivating factor for me.

And speaking of motivation, that idea for the app that I had half a year ago is burning again, and the need for it is greater. A generic social motivation tool would be fabulous, if only for personal use. I wonder if there’s a way for me to actually spread its use and make a fair profit.

I’ll install Eclipse at home and give it a shot again. Dig up my old notes.


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