On Professional Software Engineering

Dear diary,

Gotta vent a little. Work is frustrating. It’s my first job, my first client, first experience in Agile development, first exposure to JSP, and I am prone to frustration by temperament.


Oh, and coworkers of a particular ethnicity make the job slightly more challenging. Let’s keep it on the dl. Don’t want to be politically incorrect, do I?

What, you expected me to know everything about this technology, even knowing that I have never worked with it before? Fine, be that way. But don’t simultaneously say that something is dead-simple and then futz around trying to make it work. And absolutely don’t fail to make it work after making me feel like an idiot for asking for help. You’re an expert, remember?

Eh, it’s not nearly as bad as I make it seem. My coworkers are not jerks, even if they do jerky things. Most importantly, I still like my job, profession, and programming, even in the tough times. I still have the drive to push hard and make it through the frustration to the success on the other side. had that just today, in fact. Makes every past pain melt away and feel worthwhile.

Hm. I just ended my rant with thankfulness. This optimism thing is weird.


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