Let’s try some discipline, Indian edition

Again, avoiding my ULTIMATE CYBER SCHEDULE SUPREME X-9000, I’d like to get a basic schedule while I’m in India, working somewhat full-time yet still having more freedom than I will have after returning to Charlotte.

7:00am – morning routine. Read Bible for 10 minutes.
7:50 – Breakfast
8:15 – Go to work
1pm – Lunch. Stretching after and before lunch.
5:30 or thereabouts – Return to hotel, relax. Begin three-hour laundry process if necessary. half hour for dinner
half hour for Hindi
hour for reading homework
Read Bible for 10 more minutes

I guess that’s it for now. Will update this post if schedule changes within first week of CapMark training.


On parties and being philosophical

I have the strangest tendency to wax philosophical about life and society while I’m at parties. In just a short time of being present and watching revelry, I mentally retreat and ponder the state of our culture, and the meaning of life, and what I can do that is Good, or that will make me Happy, or both. If I look like I’m not enjoying the party, this is the reason.

Not surprisingly, that pensive and detached mood actually makes me sad and gloomy. Continue reading “On parties and being philosophical”