Scripted life

School. College. Work. Family. Work. Retire.

It seem that this is the standard path of life for many people. I will resist the urge to disdain it; not everyone is at liberty to live otherwise, and sometimes you simply have to do what is necessary to scrape by. Rather, I’ll focus this post on how, like a rut or a play’s script, this default sequence  is readily accepted and followed, and why I think I should resist it before accepting it.

I am a fairly ambitious person. Not enough to become famous, but enough to achieve impressive things within my own social circles. I want to make things that I can be proud of, things that are a massive improvement over the previous alternative, and things that improve others’ lives. I feel that I wouldn’t be happy settling for the commonality of modern life. I want to be someone special. The problem is that merely accepting the standard is the very antithesis of “special.” Continue reading “Scripted life”