My cognitive dissonance

I have beliefs, and then I have beliefs. The problem is that the two are not compatible.  I have beliefs, and I have behavior. And those two are also inconsistent. It makes me anxious about my existence and guilty about my actions, and I lose motivation to change my actions or beliefs. This post is just a way for me to put these thoughts down so I can think about the issues more clearly, and maybe get some input from people whose opinions I value (perhaps you, dear reader).

My worldview holds that people, not things, are important, because only they continue to matter after death. The universe will end, and civilization much before that, and all our accomplishments and things will go with it. Skills won’t matter much: I doubt anything we learn to do in this life will be applicable in the next. But people and relationships will last. So I want my other beliefs and my actions to jive with this worldview. Continue reading “My cognitive dissonance”


Let’s try some discipline

This is not exactly random, but it’s very different from my usual (overly-complex) approach. Mostly, I just need to stop laying about so much, and I have no desire to jump back into my ULTIMATE CYBER SCHEDULE SUPREME X-9000. I just want to get a little structure back.

Let’s try a simple daily schedule. Instead of scheduling exact actions, I’ll schedule a category of action. This gives me some flexibility, but I don’t have to bother with what day of the week it may be.

8am – Wake, do morning stuff
9am – Finish morning ritual, start reading
10am – Write a bit. Then relax until lunch.
Lunch. Let’s call the lunch hour “midday,” even though it rarely is.
12 – Start programming
2 – Job stuff. Stretch a bit first. Maybe some push-ups.
3 – More programming/tech study
5 – have fun. Relax. Take a break until “dinner.” Do some sit-ups if you’re in the mood to make your back healthier, you chump.
8 – Read. It’s good for you.
9 – Final checkup on internet stuff (email, fb, etc). Then read until bed.

Same as above, with church replacing whatever bits get in the way. Maybe hang out with some people, you need it.

Maybe I’ll work some time to go running in there. Maybe early afternoon when it’s warmest outside.