Observations, Chapter 1

It boggles my mind how some people have such inconsistent opinions on the government’s role in the economy.

  • When the economy is doing well, the government is expected to stay out of our businesses and not take any of our hard-earned money. This is supposed to be a capitalistic democracy, after all!
  • When the economy is doing poorly, it is the government’s fault. It falls on them to fix the economy. All of a sudden we have a command economy. If the economy recovers, we forget that we were begging for salvation from the government and call it “the market regulating itself.”
  • It is the current president’s fault. Problems didn’t arise out of involved developments deeply connected to the world and the economic situation of previous decades, they arose precisely when the presidential throne started warming a different politician’s bum.
  • The economic situation will change (“for the better” is the current opinion) the moment a new president is inaugurated.

To hear such opinions, you’d think this country was neither a democracy nor a socialist state, but a kingdom.


2 thoughts on “Observations, Chapter 1

  1. Fay

    So much truth. I think Thor’s brother in Avengers had the right idea about the majority of humanity….they just want to be ruled. -_-

    1. Maybe not so much want as are just willing to put up with it. They’ll even part with some of their money if they’re allowed to do whatever they want. During good times, people will suffer government like they suffer a mooching friend: here’s the money you want, now leave me alone.

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