I’m sick of midget furniture for tiny people. Everywhere I sit, my legs just don’t meet the floor at the right angle. Every table requires me to hunch down to it. And it’s a problem that has gone unchallenged for far too long. I’m going to find, modify, or create my own man-sized furniture whenever I can. Let the tiny people of the world beware.

This is just one of a certain category of problems that I have often thought about. It’s painfully obvious if you manage to think about it for just one second. The problem: we don’t think. We just accept it. I can only conjecture on why people just accept it, but the fact is that they (we) do. I am of the philosophy that if we could just use our eyes and our collective creativity, we could become aware of problems that we never realized were problems, and that’s the first big step toward fixing them. I think that the solutions to most of these problems are ridiculously simple (build tall furniture for tall people). And as all my friends know, I’m big on solving problems.


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