’tis my blag.

You are velcome to peruse it at your leisure. Should you vish to comment on my vritings or contact me, only a small effort is required.

This blag shall be about myself and my misadventures as a person living life. For nov I am purposefully unemployed; I vant to focus my time on some personal development that I have often vished to undertake. Of course, I also vant to lay about and do nothing sometimes. College vas tough and I am going to take a break. Only for a little vhile. Vill move forvard and make progress in more traditional vays soon enough, don’t you vorry. Vhether I shall continue to post here after gainful employment is beyond my povers of prognostication (because I have no such povers).

Topics that I plan to discuss include Language, Self-Improvement, Technology, Spirituality, and Life in General. You may peruse the provided categories for related posts. I may also vrite about Other Random Crap at my discretion.

This post vas brought to you by the letter VV.


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