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Job hunt and living arrangements

In Uncategorized on 2015/03/25 at 20:47

A break from the FED series, but still related. Just writing a quick post to sort out my thoughts.

One cool alternative that combines major benefits from all of my previous options is to get an entry-level front end development job. This would allow me to:

  • Get paid, even if less than I am now
  • Learn the applicable skills quickly
  • Get professional work experience rather than personal project experience
  • Meet new people in the industry (a benefit that the other options lack)

This might require me to move to a different apartment. If I get a job in the city center again, this would require me to ride the bus or drive – costs of which I would associate not with work, but with my choice of housing. This bumps up my living expenses by $800 – $1500, though that would more than likely be fully offset (and then some) by cheaper base rent.

However, the loss of time would not be offset. Not having a commute saves MEGA time. Take this, for example: I take 5 minutes to commute. A person who drives to work takes, say, 35. That is an extra hour lost each day. This amounts to 8 hours every 8 business days. This amounts to one free vacation day every 8 days, or over 31 free vacation days per year. Yes, your mind is blown. You are welcome. Now go get cheap housing near your work like we smart people do.

Sorry, I forgot why I was writing this post. It was to lament the probable loss of that free time if I do switch jobs and have to relocate. Gah.

Becoming a Front End Developer – Diary 4

In Front End Developer diaries on 2015/03/15 at 00:28

This is a post I’ve been excited to write for a while. I’ve been researching the things I want to accomplish during my transition to becoming a front-end developer. This is only my initial set of goals; I will make adjustments as I progress. I also cannot make any comment on pace; I can’t make meaningful estimates about things I don’t know. It’s a long list of goals, and I probably won’t get to all of them very soon, but it’s important to write down all ideas so they can be organized together.

Meanwhile, right outside my apartment, this is happening: a parade, and, later, about 20,000 bar crawlers. I think I will stay inside… I’m such an exciting person, right?

Becoming a Front End Developer – Diary 3

In Front End Developer diaries, Life in General on 2015/03/12 at 22:15

It’s not quite a diary any more, is it? Having a full-time job sure does put a damper on things. Deliberating over whether to abandon my current job it is even more of a drag. In this diary entry, I discuss the very non-technical aspects of leaving your current job to become a Front End Developer.

I did not expect that deciding to leave my employer would be so draining. Friends and family tell me that leaving a job without another lined up is a terrible idea, and I understand all too well. The safest route would be to keep working, no matter what. I understand their fears, truly–but I also see the potential prize if I take the risk, and they do not. I know there are lucrative positions out there for those who have the skills necessary to perform well. This knowledge does not dispel my fears. And so I am in the proverbial frying pan, afraid to stay in my position (because my career won’t advance), and afraid to leave (because money has a bad habit of disappearing faster than you expect).

This diary series is not nearly as glamorous as I thought it would be. Hopefully soon I can get to the glam biz of learning technologies, frameworks, libraries, tools, methodologies, and soft skills related to being a successful frond end web developer. Instead, I find myself dealing with the difficult, dirty, serious and necessary business of making potentially life-altering decisions.


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