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On living rightly

In Uncategorized on 2015/04/17 at 01:11

Today I put in a long day at work. Discussed a potential job at the banks. Met an old coworker for lunch. Planned a personal finance presentation. Chatted with good friends. Home-cooked dinner. Inbox zero. Budgeted.

I used my day well. I very nearly used my day well. I can reason and see that I spent my limited time doing things that needed doing, and that makes my time well-spent. I do not feel that my choices were the best. I feel the day was wasted. I feel kinda awful. The flavor of life is missing. But why?

Am I depressed? Normal mood dip? Will it pass?

Am I pouty because I want, want, want, and there is no satisfaction that will last long in the face of bottomless need? I think I cut myself off from the source of everything good, so these good things were just empty shells with no real goodness in them. So I have to… turn away from my self and my good things to go get the one thing that makes it all worthwhile.

Just do it. I know you’re lazy. I know you don’t want to help yourself. I also know that there are no alternatives. There aren’t even any bad alternatives. Just gotta do it.

Becoming a Front End Developer – Diary 5

In Front End Developer diaries on 2015/04/11 at 14:14

I made a big mistake.

Job hunt and living arrangements

In Uncategorized on 2015/03/25 at 20:47

A break from the FED series, but still related. Just writing a quick post to sort out my thoughts.

One cool alternative that combines major benefits from all of my previous options is to get an entry-level front end development job. This would allow me to:

  • Get paid, even if less than I am now
  • Learn the applicable skills quickly
  • Get professional work experience rather than personal project experience
  • Meet new people in the industry (a benefit that the other options lack)


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